How to style animal print in Winter - 19 amazing animal print outfits for this Christmas

October 30, 2019

How to style leopard print trousers + coats this winter

How to Style Animal Print in Winter

Look 1

The easiest way to style animal print and look gorgeous is to compliment the outfit with block colour pieces from one shade in your animal print piece of clothing. I personally love black, if I am wearing a black and beige animal print top then my go to is a pair of black jeans and a black polo neck sweater. I love a pair of sneakers or in the heart of winter my trusty Dr Martens.

Look 2

Wearing an animal print skirt with Dr Martens is a great way to be casual chic. By wearing a skirt your outfit automatically has an element of sophistication. As these are mostly winter outfits, I would style the skirt with an over sized jumper. 

Look 3

Vans girls, come and eat your heart out! Nothing screams cool like a pair of classic vans other than classic vans styled with animal print jeans. Trying to pull this look off? Then finish it off with a simple Brandy Melville long sleeve black top and a pair of sunnies to protect from the Autumn rays and you are game for whatever the universe throws your way. 

Look 4

If you are someone that doesn't feel they can pull off leopard print but loves it anyway, a great way to start is with accessories. I always admired people that wore leopard print but felt it wasn't something that I could wear so I used to buy animal print shoes, leopard print belts and so on. Over time I grew more confident wearing leopard print and went for a pink leopard print coat and I felt straight at home in it. Starting with hints of a print and working them slowly into your wardrobe is the perfect way to overcome any reservations about wearing something that feels out of place on you. Most of the time we just have a perception in our head of how it should look. Instead embrace the weird and own it.

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