17 Perfect Pairs of Sunglasses to wear with any outfit - How to style skinny, wide frame, 60's sunglasses

November 10, 2019

17 Pairs of sunglasses for every Occasion 

Sunglasses are very under rated for all the use we get from them. In summer, we protect our eyes from UV rays, as well as in pretty much every season. We use them to hide our tired eyes after a long night out or late night working.

As well as sunglasses providing us with functional use, we also use them to make a statement. To dress and outfit up or exaggerate a plain outfit with some dramatic sunnies. 

Depending on your love of sunglasses I know I have too many pairs in all shapes and sizes. I love a round bubbly frame as you can see above and the above pair screams 70's. Just like Margot Robbie wore in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the 60's/70's hippie vibe is filtering into every fashionista's wardrobe this year.

How to pick the perfect pair of sunglasses for your face shape

My rule to thumb is that you elect the shape opposite to your natural head shape. Earlier I mentioned that I love round sunglasses, large bubble sunglasses. These suit my face as it is of a square nature and I have quite a high forehead. 

Skinny sunglasses are not my go to, as much as I love the style, these are suited to someone with a petite, round face. As the contrast in features from your face and the sunglasses compliment each other. 

How to style skinny matrix sunglasses and not look like the Terminator. 

As you can see above, skinny matrix sunglasses are quite a fierce statement and in order to compliment the graphic shape, styling them with soft, flowing clothing such as a cream blouse us the perfect way to create a cute dynamic of mysterious yet friendly. 

Images are not my own and sourced from Pinterest. Comment for reference.

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