35 Ways to Style Jeans - How to wear Mom jeans, Straight Leg Jeans, Ripped Jeans, and Wide Leg Jeans Everyday

November 07, 2019

Wide Leg Baggy Jeans + Crop Top

Jeans Night Out Crop Top 

Jeans Daytime Long Sleeve Crop Top

How to wear jeans and a crop top in 2020

How to style loose fit jeans and a cropped top any time of the year. Jeans solve numerous outfit challenges and I love how versatile they are. From day time grunge to night time chic all dependent on how you style your jeans. While I am not an advocate for wearing jeans in summer, they do work some killer outfits. 

Above are five ways to wear a crop top with jeans. I love the contrast of baggy jeans with the high crop top. It elevates the look from simple to a dynamic fashion style. Adding a more shaped crop top automatically dresses up the look, where as the long sleeve black crop top and jeans with cowboy boots is a more day to day jeans outfit. 

How to style a blazer and jeans 

Three ways to style a blazer and jeans in Winter 2019

An oversized blazer is the surest way to look sophisticated chic. Above are three different ways to style a blazer with jeans this winter. Keeping it simple and fun with a crop top and some fluffy slides, the nude blazer is an easy go to for day time chic. 

The cape blazer is a more formal look, and can make any jeans outfit look dressed up and ready for a night out. I have never been a fan of cape blazers but a crisp white blazer styled with blue jeans and heels is an easy win.

Timelessness comes to ming when I see a navy blazer, of all it is definitely the most effortless and classic look. Style your nave blazer with a simple plain cotton t-shirt over straight leg jeans and anyone will think that you were born in France. The effortless elegance of this outfit just screams Parisian chic. 


How to style jeans this winter

Now that winter has come, it is finally time to start bringing out the much coveted cosy jackets and boots to wade through the winter gloom. To keep this over bearing look somewhat stylish, a pair of mom jeans is never far from hand. I personally love jeans and find them to be quite comfortable. 

In winter to style the perfect winter jeans outfit is simple. Some biker boots and a leather jacket can keep any look biker chic. If you are sensitive to the cold then I recommend layering a hoodie under your outfit. Styled with a white t-shirt, this looks encompasses a minimalist elegance with an edge to it. 

A winter classic that returns year after year, despite global warming to combat the chilly winds is the shearling biker jacket. As snug as it is stylish. This is an iconic piece worth investing in as it solves a multitude of problems, warmth, style, coolness, on trend and diverse oversized aesthetic. `it ticks all these boxes every year and the shearling coat is a no brainer, go to for any winter enthusiast. 

White Top and Jeans Outfit 

How to wear jeans and a white t-shirt

Consistently a white top and jeans is paired with white sneakers.

Full Length Coat and Jeans Outfit for the perfect Winter Outfit

Three Ways to style a full length coat and jeans this winter

A classic trench is the perfect go to when styling the perfect daytime outfit. It is comfortable and looks amazing. Especially in this time of year, a long tench coat keeps your legs warm hiding your entire outfit. 

The next look is my absolute favourite and so on trend at the moment. This coat is more mid length than full length and is to die for. If influencers are anything to go by then this trend is not going anywhere any time soon. 

Sweater and Jeans Outfit

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