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Black sweatpants Outfit for a Casual Day Out

How to style black sweatpants for a Casual Day Out

Black is my favourite colour to style, single because everything looks good no matter how you style it, sweatpants are no different. As you can see from the images there are a few ways to style black sweatpants. 

For a casual day out I would simple wear a sweater or hoodie and pair the outfit with trainers for a simple but super comfortable sweatpants outfit. 

If it is summer and you burn in the sun like me, then long pants are a necessity, to combat the heat I could simply pair the outfit with a crop top or crop t-shirt.

This is more of a latest trend but, leotards and sweatpants are making their way into the night life scene. So becoming a very. versatile item of clothing, your sweatpants for a casual day out can also double up when style with a sheer body suit for an extravagant night out. 

I would however skip the trainers if you are taking on the night life in sweatpants and style the outfit with some killer stilettos, such as a pair of strap sandals or pointy toe boots. 

Cream Sweatpants and Jacket Outfit for a Casual Day Out

How to style sweatpants for a casual day out?

Sweatpants are the perfect go to for a casual day out. Sweatpants are super comfortable and have also become a bit of a fashion statement among influencers. 

Of course, if you are to wear sweatpants for a casual day out, you want to make it look like you made an effort and not forgot to get dressed for the day. Am I right?

Colour Block Sweatpants Outfits for a Casual Day Out

3 Steps on how to wear sweatpants for a casual day out

Step 1: How to style sweatpants on a casual day out

Stick with one colour, two maximum. As you can see from all the casual sweatpants images, sweatpants are quite baggy and a statement in themselves. 
In order to have a casual but well put together look, sticking with the same colour and tones adds an air of sophistication to the outfit. 

Step 2: How to style sweatpants on a casual day out

Wear clean shoes with your casual sweatpants outfit, this makes the outfit look more complete than it really is. We associate new, with out Sunday best and this also counts for a Casual sweatpants outfit.

The type of shoe is up to personal preference, nike Air Force 1 trainers, converse, dr Martens are a favourite amount influencers to style with their casual sweatpants outfits, or just a pair Adidas Stan smiths.  

Step 3: How to style sweatpants on a casual day out

Lastly, add some jewellery, recently I have noticed that influencers are layering gold chains with about any outfit. This is really simple to do and it makes the outfit complete. Like we said earlier, it shows that some thought went into styling your casual day out sweatpants outfit and that they were not a last minute thought before you left the house.

Grey/White Sweatpants Outfit

Grey Sweatpants Streetstyle

Grey sweatpants are super easy to style and very versatile. When once sweatpants were simply something to lounge around the house in, they are now apart of the influencer fashion archive of go to outfits.

To create a grey sweatpants outfit, all you really need is a sweater and a long coat as seen below. Paired with trainers, this look is simple and comfortable.

Why have sweatpants become such a popular outfit choice?

Sweatpants may not have been top of many people's fashion wants list until top influencers like the Khardasians have popularised them. The trend of sportswear as a high end fashion outfit has stuck. Is it a bad thing? 

Sweatpants are comfortable, they look great on everybody no matter your size, they compliment both curvy women and slim women. They can be styled in a versatile manner from day to day outfits with trainers, or dressed up with heels.

Images are not my own, sourced from Pinterest. Comment for credit.

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