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Street Style Puffer Jackets

How to wear a puffer jacket and jeans

Three ways to style a puffer jacket

It is the time of year where your puffer jackets almost count as an extra limb. Leaving the house without one seems impossible. The temperatures have dropped and our cute summer outfits are swapped for layers of jumpers and oversized puffer jackets.

Above is a couple of ways to style a blue/light grey puffer jacket. Three ways to style a baby blue/light grey puffer in winter and not look like an Elsa doll isn't as difficult as it initially seems.

Blue jeans and a puffer jacket in winter is the perfect day to day outfit, finish the outfit off with a pair of trainers and a beanie hat. For a more evening style I would swap the blue jeans for black jeans and add a pair of boots - cowboy boots are killing it this winter!

Lastly, a puffer jacket and sweatpants can never go wrong. To keep with the lighter shades, cream sweatpants complete this look and I would style these with a pair of buffalo chunky sneakers to keep with the oversized theme. Also they are fur lined!

White Puffer Jackets - Styled like an Angel

How to style a white puffer jacket

Wearing white makes me nervous, primarily because I am a huge fan of ketchup, however as it is outerwear we are covering, the problem is solved as the white puffer jacket can be safely removed before I dig into my five guys burger. 

Above you can see how amazing white puffer jackets look and they are super versatile. Worn with every style from day time chic to streetwear they look the part. To find a multitude of amazing puffer jackets I have been loving TB Dress

Of course it is Black Friday this week. The perfect time of year to update your wardrobe with fresh outerwear. In time for the cold weather that we had a taste of during the week. Styling any puffer jacket with jeans for winter is a great way to create comfortable and weather proof outfit. For more ways to style jeans check out this post on how to style jeans.

Black Puffer Jackets

Where should I buy a black puffer jacket

A black puffer jacket is the perfect overcoat for the winter weather. Black is an elegant and sophisticated colour, incorporated into an everyday streetwear garment the combination provides us with the perfect puffer. 

To check out a variety of puffer jackets, long and short check out TB Dress here. With Black Friday around the corner, it is the perfect time to find the pieces you have been coveting up to now. I wear my long black puffer jacket everyday. As my black puffer is belted at the waist, it doesn't feel too clumpy. 

Khaki/Beige Puffer Jackets

How to wear a beige/khaki puffer jacket and jeans

Looking to brighten up your winter wardrobe? With these dark mornings and even darker evenings, I always find myself being drawn to lighter shades of clothing in the winter. 

Above is a multitude of puffer jackets in various beige shades and a khaki also. While I love a black coat, I feel like it is the only colour I wear in winter. By wearing a brighter puffer jacket I feel like I have styled my outfit more. 

Monogram Puffer Jacket

These monogram puffer jackets are to die for! The Dior logo puffer jacket is super chic and the print adds another element of design that just takes ownership of the puffer jacket!

Print Puffer Jacket

Images are not my own and sourced from Pinterest. Comment for photo credit.

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