The Ultimate Beauty Gift Guide for Christmas 2019

November 13, 2019

Beauty Gift Guide - How to choose the perfect perfume for Her 

Perfume gift guide

Perfume is always a a perfect gift, no matter the occasion. With so many scents to choose from and elegant bottles to make the decision harder, where do you start with picking the perfect perfume as a gift? 

Dior is an iconic fashion designer, who embodies elegance and beauty into all his creations. His love of flowers and successful fashion business led him to develop a perfume that would compliment women all around the world. 

As his fashion house lives on, his collection of perfumes has grown with consumers demands and love of the various scents. Two of his most iconic include miss Dior, which you can see online here, and also j'adore Dior. 

I love the contrast in shape and design of the bottles, as this the first part of the perfume that we experience. The deciding factor of course is always the scent. 

Chanel - Make-up or Perfume or Both 

Chanel, a rebellion, strong mined woman that created minimalist elegance and pioneered the much loved fabric jersey. Like all great fashion designers who were fortunate enough to create the iconic fashion powerhouses we know today, accessories and beauty were a natural development to compliment the clothing being crafted. 

Coco channels perfume is probably one of the most iconic perfumes ever, with a unique smell to each individual. While Chanel was not an advocate for make-up or beauty and preferred an understated look, her make-up is also much sought after for its quality and minimalist aesthetic in the forever classic black and white packaging. 

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