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December 09, 2019

Glossier - The latest Skincare Obsession

Is Glossier a Skincare Brand?

It was that time again, where my mascara had run dry and I was scraping the inside of the tube to get as much as possible onto the wand. With my half decorated eyelash, I started to search for my next mascara. 

I have been using one of the high street and like to try out new products as there are so many to choose from. Glossier has been on my radar with a while, but I had mostly thought of Glossier as a skincare brand. 

I was familiar with the pink packaging mainly from instagram and never researched the products before. Hooked on the cute pink aesthetic and simple branding I decided I would try out the glossier mascara. 

Where can I buy Glossier?

I was looking at Glossier's range of products online, which starts with a skincare starter pack, make-up and their very coveted sunscreen. I had intended to buy the ,mascara online, however it is such a busy time of year for delivery and I am never home to receive parcels I though I would see if London had a shop. 

Not only can you buy Glossier online, a London Pop-Up store opened on the 20th November and is here until February. On Saturday I popped in to have a look. Like most pop-up shops, due to the high demand there was a question, but this moved white quickly and is definitely worth the wait. 

Once inside there are numerous rooms to explore. I have made a video - my first vlog, which I am currently editing and will link for you as soon as it is ready. I am delighted the the Glossier pop-up shop is here for another while, this will give me a chance to try more of their products. 

Where is the Glossier's Pop-Up Shop Located in London?

The Glossier Pop-Up shop opened in London in Covent Garden. This is super central and easy to get to by train. The Piccadilly Line will bring you straight to Covent Garden Tube station and the Glossier Pop-Up shop is less than a 5 minute walk. 

What is Glossier's most popular product?

If you are looking to buy Glossier's sunscreen in the Pop-Up London shop in Covent Garden, it is currently sold out. This is good news as sun protection is super important, especially in the current global warming situation.

It is also in super cute packaging, while Glossier's branding is traditionally pink, the sunscreen is yellow to suit the products context. This is a nice touch! It is disappointing that the sunscreen is unavailable in Londond's Pop-Up Store, but it is available online here.

I am not sure if they will get more stock but as they have nearly two more months in London, it would seem highly likely that Glossier will replenish their sunscreen.

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