It's a Prada Boot Affair

December 14, 2019

Prada Accessories that every Influencer is obsessed with

What Prada Boots are Influencers wearing?

The latest winter obsession on instagram and every fashionistas radar is Prada's newest style of boots. The first pair which have taken instagram by storm have a thick chunky sole and are available in black and red patent. 

The second pair of Prada boots that are covering my instagram feed, from all my favourite influencers posting about them are boots that come up and hug your calf in a military style, yet more exaggerated, which is fashions way. 

How to style Prada Boots 

Black boots are a go to for almost any outfit in every season. Investing in good shoes has always been a mantra from my mam growing up. These Prada boots offer both style and practicality. Pulling from a military inspiration, Prada have created an ankle boot, more stylish that the traditional army military boots. 

This ankle boot will look amazing in summer with shorts or a dress. In winter, I would style them with a pair of black trousers and an oversized trench coat, keeping with the trend of utilitarian. 

Prada have also brought out a boot more in line with traditional army boots which rise up around the calf and are laced. Many influencers have paired theirs with cargo pants tucked into the boots, in a traditional military fashion, or with an oversized dress blazer, for those in a summery climate. 

Black boots can be styled in so many ways but if you are still uncertain then wearing your black Prada boots with a pair of jeans is a sure way to look effortless and stylish, also known as Parisian chic.

What High Street Shops are selling Boots similar to Prada's

For those of you that are in love with the lates Prada boots bit not is much the price tag, as always the high street are on it, with some very similar styles and are also trending on social media. One of the most successful high street brand where these shoes are available id the retail giant Zara.

Zara came to the UK in ... with a bang and created havoc with is incredibly fast turnover which was unheard of before. Achieving high turnovers created a need for people to buy the products they wanted now. 

This has leas tp a fast fashion fret which 2 decades a;ltes nis catching p with us an d creating world wide sustainability issue, which are being discussed but is their enough being done to counter the damage going on everyday.

 What Prada accessories are influencers wearing?

As well as boots Prada have a number of accessories most covetable such as the bag which is seen at the beginning of this post and a new craze amount the fashion world due in most to instragrmam Ian influencers need to co-ordinate and create editorial style content for they pages are socks. 

Above you can see she Prada socks, which go very well with the Prada boots, heels, or sneakers depending on what takes your fancy. They are generally styles iwht a dress or blazer which shows o f the socks in a key component of the outfit. 

Images are not mine, they are sourced from Pinterest & Prada website. Comment for credit.

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