Beige Coat + Jeans Street Style Outfit

Ripped Jeans + Black Boots Street Style

Jeans Street Style have been taking over the fashion scene. With the rise of pre-owned fashion re-styling old jeans into new jeans has never been easier. A huge trend at the moment is frayed hems and this is super simple to do. 

Going to thrift stores to buy pre-owned jeans is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint but also to add new styles jeans to your wardrobe. 

It can take some time to go trout thrift shops or kilo sales and find good quality jeans, but there are some jems out there. 

Finding second hand Levi's is always a great feeling. I have a pair of mom jeans that are my weekend go to jeans, that I style with different trainers and tops to change up my outfits. 

Casual Beige Coat Outfit for Women Street Style

Another way to make old jeans look fashionable again is to slice holes in the knees. I warn you that this can go wrong, and I would recommend using a grater. Sounds nuts but it is defiantly the best way to get results that look professional on jeans. 

White Trainers + Long Beige Coat Outfit Inspiration

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