Black Blazer Street Style Outfit

Black Blazer + Designer Handbag Outfit

The perfect way to style a designer handbag for a chic minimalist outfit. 

A blazer is a classic piece of tailored clothing that is super versatile. While the blazer has many different silhouettes from fitted and short or loosely fitted and long, oversized or double breasted it remains a wardrobe staple. 

A brilliant way to dress up a blazer from work wear into fashionista without going over board is to add a minimalist designer handbag. As seen above the Dior handbag that sports a gold strap enhances an elegant look but also lifts the blazer and makes a more complete outfit as a whole. 

Oversized Black Blazer + Jeans Outfit

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Oversized Blazer + Trousers Casual Outfit

Oversized Black Blazer Dress

Minimalist Jewellery + Oversized Black Blazer

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