Self Care Sunday Routine

The perfect Routine to Relax on a Sunday

How to Relax on a Sunday

I always start my morning with a green tea in bed, sometimes I swap it up for fresh lemon and honey to get some natural vitamins first thing in the morning. 

Drinking lemon and honey in the morning is also very refreshing and a great way to start the day. 

During the week I prefer green tea as it is easier to prepare in the morning and keeps my routine stress free. I always try to have some breakfast at work and love an açai bowl, but I rarely have the motivation to make one before work.

I love spending time on a Sunday morning making an açai bowl and eating it as during the week I usually grab a banana on the go and eat breakfast at my desk at work which doesn't have the relaxing vibe as eating at home in your own space.

While I have not perfected an instagram worthy display, seasonal berries, yogurt, seeds and cereal makes the perfect morning meal. 

Sunday mornings are where I take time to relax and enjoy the simple delights of life. 

How to Relax on Sunday Afternoon

After a relaxing breakfast, I take some self care time to myself. I love face masks and have been using a soothing and hydrating sheet mask from by nature that I received as a present. 

I love hydrating sheet masks, especially in Winter as my skin gets super dry. I have combination skin so it can be quite oily around my nose but in Winter it flakes, I find instead of over moisturising, the face masks add the right amount of hydration to my skin.

These face masks have made my skin feel refreshed all over as well as keeping the flakes of dry skin away, I have got a pack of 5 and used 3 so far. To see progress after using them only a few times is amazing. 

On the topics of masks, I have also noticed that my hair is more dry than normal, probably because of the heat I use on it in Winter or on nights out when I straighten it. I have been wanting to try a hair mask but have no clue what to try. 

If anyone has used any they found beneficial before, a recommendation would be amazing. In summer I let my hair dry naturally, and use less product than in winter, so this is why it is more dry this time of year. 

Any hair masks that you loved just drop below in the comments, thank you!

What can I do to relax when I feel uneasy

One of my favourite pastimes that I find most rewarding is reading. It is a great way to distract yourself from anything that is going on or just to unwind. 

As we are caught up is such busy day to day goings when we have the time to relax it can be rather difficult to sit still and we find ourselves restless. 

I was never a huge reader the  I was younger but my sister would devour books. It took me  awhile to find the attraction to reading. I am quite an active person and prefer to be out and about and doing something than sitting still. 

A great practice if you want to read and find you never get around to it into set yourself a target. Just decide that you are going to read 5 pages or read for 10 minutes. 

A great ted talk on biting the bullet and just taking action by Mel Robinson can be found here. 

If you start with small achievable goals you can then feel better for having completed the task and will be motivated to continue reading.

If you have never been into reading because you find it hard to concentrate, then finding a book on a topic that interests you is super important, Don't read for the sake of it. When you are reading about one of your interests you will find it hard to put the book down. 

Often people feel like they have to finish a book that they started, again, reading should be enjoyable and engaging so if you are reading a book just to finish it, chances are your not paying attention and it is a waste of time. 

Pick a book on a topic you already are interested in or something that you want to know more about. 

You can find my top five self care books that I really enjoyed reading and find super helpful. I still refer back to them from time to time. Being interactive with your books by underlining phrases that stand out to your or highlighting sections that made an impact can make revisiting your books really easy and helpful. This means that you do not have to re-read the whole book.

I think I buy a new book at least once a month if not 2/3. I always have a book on the go. Lately I have been out of touch with my books.

The Importance of Comfortable Underwear

Comfortable underwear is fashion staple at the moment from Dior underwear to Calvin Klein underwear, and it is one I love. Cotton underwear is perfect to lounge around in on a Sunday when you get up. 

Of course if you live with family then maybe some sweatpants and a loose t-shirt will be your go to, but wearing underwear than is seamless and barely feels like its there just makes the morning. 

Cotton underwear is also better for your health and more breathable on your body. While cotton isn't great for the environment on how it is grown, synthetic fabrics are not any more sustainable. 

Sustainable Practice for a Greener Future

Why Cotton Underwear is better for the Environment than Synthetic Fabric Underwear. 

  1. It is better for you to wear and more comfortable. If it isn't comfortable then realistically are you going to wear it? Probably not, this is a waste of fabric and money. 
  2. It will last longer, cotton products may be more expensive than synthetic fabrics like polyester but they last longer. This is more sustainable for the environment because you are buying less and also ensuring the cost to make the garment has to the environment is worth it. 
  3. Cotton underwear is also biodegradable unlike synthetic fabrics. Most lingerie is made from nylon and spandex as it is flexible and comfortable to wear. Another great fabric to replace synthetic fabrics is tencel. This is made from wood pulp but it often combined with other fabrics so may not be a complete substitute. 
  4. A great brand to buy cotton underwear from is Hanro. It has a huge following and rarely pays for advertising from celebrities and influencers as they wear the brand out of love. I have not tried their products but only heard great reviews, you can have a look for yourself at

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