5 Books that will change your thinking for the better

Self Care & Self Development Books you must read.

             The Power of Now

With over a million copies sold worldwide and more selling every day, Eckhart Toll enlightens un onto the power of being present in our everyday and how to create a calm, still mind. He explores ancient practices and highlights how most of our thoughts are from our egos and not our true self. 
It can be found on book depository for £8.30.

                                 Stop Thinking, Start Living

Richard Carlson paints a picture of our thoughts and how we can easily let them go if we wish. Stop thinking, start living is exactly what is says on the tin. 

If you are not a huge reader but would like to explore the world of self help, this book is a great place to start. 

It is easy to read and offers great insights that will immediately change your understanding of your thoughts.

It can be found on book depository for £5.60.

Becoming Supernatural

Dr Joe Dispenza is on a mission to change how we see the world and how our thoughts through meditation and visualisation can create any reality we want. 

Through scientific studies, Dr Joe Dispenza and his team have seen people cure themselves of longstanding illness' as well as change their lives for the better. 

To gain an insight into Dr Joe's work Becoming Supernatural is one of a few books that he has published to share his discoveries. 

It is also available on book depository for £11.01

                   Black Box Thinking

Matthew Syed has curated a number of studies that show why our initial perception of a situation is not always right. He enlightens us through perspective how what isn't ways obvious at first can be the more valuable than our initial thought. This book both challenges how we look at a situation and the importance to look at data from every angle and not just the obvious. It opens the mind to new view points on old situations. 
It is an excellent read and can be found on book depository for £7.69


Outliers, wrote by Malcom Gladwell gives an amazing insight into performance and how our genetics are not necessarily what makes an Olympic champion. Malcom explores how society shapes us and also delves deep into cultural habits and the impact they have had on various industries for better and for worse. This book is truly enlightening and a thoroughly enjoyable read. 
To find out more check this book out on book depository for £6.00

What are helpful Self-development books to read?

These images have been sourced form book depository and are not mine. There are no affiliate links in this post. I have provided the links for ease and also I love book depository as they have worldwide free shipping. 

If you order more than one book, they may be shipped separately and depending on where the book is being delivered from can take varying amounts of time. 

I have read all these books and have enjoyed them for different reasons. The first three are more spiritual and focus on self help and positive thinking. The second two are more industry focused and look at problem solving and delve into society, its problems and also success stories. 

I love reading self development books and find mixing up the genres makes me engage with the content more. While I have read numerous books, these 5 are defiantly really powerful. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. 

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