Self Care Tips

Self Care Tips

Self Care Advice if you are Busy

Do something for yourself everyday. In our busy lives we can often forget to take the time to f=give ourselves the care we need, especially on a day to day basis. 

It is important to find time for yourself everyday. You are probably thinking, by the time I can focus on myself I am too tired to put energy into taking care of myself. 

By taking the time to ficus on yourself, you will feel better and more relaxed and in turn have more energy and feel less drained. 


Find time for yourself in the morning or evening and decide that for one week you will read for half an hour, simply sit and relax without watching tv and turn off your brain completely, meditate, or do some simple exercise. Take a quick walk, practice yoga or pilates, spend time on a craft project. 

By spending time on an event that isn't part of your usual routine, you are refocusing on yourself in the present. This is important for good mental health. You will also feel better for it as you have taken the time to do something for you. 

Often we want to revisit an event or hobby we once enjoyed but think we cannot fit it into our current lifestyle. By breaking the habit of your usual routine, you are creating a positive impact that shows you can do what you really want, it just requires more effort and will power as it isn't naturally part of your routine. 

If you would like to know more about being present I have created a list of books that cover this topic, you can find it here

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