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Summer Beauty Tips 

Although we are still in lockdown and it looks as if the summer is cancelled, that does not mean we can't pretend that the parties are still going ahead. It is important to have something to look forward to during this uncertain time. 

I am going to tell you about my favourite summer products and why. Although we may not be jetting off to Mauritius (I wish even without a lockdown), there will be barbecues and some outings, although on a smaller scale. 

What is a good tan to use in Summer

My first beauty Summer essential is from a brand I use a lot, Clarins - I found a love for it as my mam has used Clarins for years and she has really amazing skin as a result. My no. 1 beauty summer essential from Clarins is something I have only recently started to use, it is their tan drops. 

 There are so many different tan products that it is difficult to know where to start with choosing one. Lets be honest, it is not a product you want to have to experiment with, finding one that looks great first time around is what we would like. 

I have a pale complexion and in summer look like a ghost. I am not someone who wears tan everyday, however having a golden glow is what I try to go for. I have read great reviews about the Clarins Golden GlowBooster and was curious.

There are lots of build up tan products and I have tried some before and had good reviews. One of the reasons I wanted to use the Clarins drops is I also love to wear suncream in Summer, or need to. So being able to moisturise, get a tan and use SPF 50 in one go was a big attraction towards these Clarins  tan drops. 

These tan drops are for your body, and you simply use 4-6 drops depending on how much of a glow you would like and mix them in with your moisturiser. 

Then apply your moisturiser as normal and give them 3 hours or so to work this magic. have noticed that with showering they last 2 days, so it is easy to maintain a constant glow.

These are also available for your face, which I haven't tried yet, I use a slightly darker foundation in summer, which you can read about in my Minimal Make-up Routine blog post. 

However, they also have amazing reviews. If I wasn't wearing make-up then I would definitely just add these to my moisturiser to have a natural glow all over. 

What type of face mask should I use?

Next on my Summer essential beauty list is a face mask by aesop. Again, summer is a great time for my skin, the vitamin D does it wonders and my breakouts are way less than in Winter. I also believe this is because I eat healthier and drink more water because of the heat. 

However, sweating more during the day, and if you are wearing make-up this can get into your pores, as well as there being more dust in the dry weather as well as the usual city pollution. Having a great face mask that can do a deep clean is defiantly a summer essential. 

The aesop mask is a mud mask which is brilliant for cleansing and clarifying your skin. So it is recommended to use a face mask twice a week. I also use sheet masks, which you can read about in my Sunday Self Care Routine post, however I find that they are more for just giving a refreshed feel to your face than cleaning your pores and removing any build up of dirt or grime. 

What are good earrings to wear in Summer

My final beauty essential for Summer is my hoop earrings. I love a simple piece of jewellery is versatile and goes with many outfits for different occasions.

I love these Monica Vinader hoops as they do not have backs, bit are closed in the loop. For trips to the beach or general day outings I love that I do not have to worry that they may fall out.

I was planning on getting a second ear piercing just before lockdown and I cannot wait to be able to do this after the lockdown, as well as have my eyebrows shaped again as I have not been able to keep them looking similar despite my efforts and also a hair cut!

Hope you are all staying safe and if you have any beauty essentials, let me know in the comments.

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