Minimal Make-up Routine

Minimal Make-Up Routine 

So I thought I would go through the basics that I could not travel without in my make-up routine. I do not have a very long make-up routine and prefer a minimal, natural look however I do not have the best skin so therefore I also love the coverage that make-up provides. 

When I say I have a natural look, I like to stick to the basics for everyday. My skincare routine is something that I also spend a lot of time experimenting on in order to improve my skin, however between make-up everyday, city pollution, and uv rays taking care of skin is almost a full time job!

Having a thorough skin care routine is especially important when you wear make-up regularly. I would love to have the flawless skin where you can simply add some lip and eye make-up, but unfortunately blemishes, red tones and pimples are a force to be reckoned with.

I also find that I prefer to wear make-up in winter, when I am on holidays in a hot country or in summer in general, my skin suffers less from the cold, wind and harsh natural forces. Before I go into more in skin care I will move on with my minimal make-up routine for travel. 

I am going to talk you through the make-up that I travel with when I am going away for a few days, so if I am heading to Ireland for the weekend. 

The Perfect Foundation for Day to Night 

Firstly I want to take about my foundation - I have fair skin and generally do not wear fake tan, so finding a foundation that looks natural has always been super important to me. From when I began wearing make-up I have always used Vichy. They have changed their products over the years but I am still a loyal fan. 

I have tried other foundations from various high street brands, and my sisters who also have a similar complexion to me use different foundations that they love. Everyone is unique in their skin and what works best for them personally. I do like to try different brands as you never know what might be your next favourite. 

I always seem to return to Vichy. I am currently using Vichy Derma Blend Foundation - I use their lightest shade, howvever it is becoming more difficult to find. I also use the next shade up which I feel is a bit too dark but also does the job. It is more suitable for a night out that to wear everyday but works for both.

What I love about the Vichy Derma Blend Foundation is the amazing coverage. As I mentioned earlier, I often have breakouts, I have quite reddish tones especially in winter, so I love good coverage. What is really amazing about Vichy Derma Blend foundation is its texture, it is very smooth to apply and stays on all day. 

I love how it feels like a lightweight foundation but gives me the coverage I need also. Some heavy foundations that offer coverage can be quite cakey (not sure of how else to describe it), the Vichy Derma Blend is super smooth to wear which I love as I also have oily skin around my t-zone and it doesn't get shiny throughout the day. 

If I was heading out after work I would top up my make up, but I also add a sheer powder by Vichy to ensure that when Im out and about, my mmake-up stays in place. I usually only use the powder fro going out as I find building up too many products can lead to more breakouts.

If anyone has any tips or knows a good foundation with good coverage, drop a comment and let me know, as I mentioned before  I am always up for trying new beauty products. 

What is a good Minimal Eye Shadow? 

 Next on my list of essentials for my Minimal Make-Up Routine is a product by Kiko, I use this crayon style pen as eyeshadow. I have never bene big on eyeshadow as I always end up looking like I have given myself a black eye. So these eye shade sticks are a saviour.

I love the Kiko eyeshadow stick for a number of reasons, the first is it is super easy and quick to apply. I simply draw it across my lid and use my finger to blend it in. It takes only a few minutes and I feel like I have a more fulfilled make-up look that isn't too overstated in a small amount of time. It is perfect for going to work and fits into my morning routine aswell.

Another reason I love this Kiko eyeshadow stick is because it can be built up to create a more night out appropriate look. It is super easy to decide how light or dark you want the look and also to outline your eye for a more dramatic effect.

There is virtually no mess when applying it either. Unlike eyeshadow where the powder falls everywhere and then its super easy to smudge it into your foundation, these Kiko eyeshadow pens make all of this disappear.

There is also a very good selection of colours and it is easy to blend them into each other swell if you like to be more creative with your eye make-up. I am more of a dramatic lip person.

A great tip for these to last longer is to use a primer under the colour eyeshadow. I used to use Laura Mercier as they have a very similar product and I loved their primer and eyeshadow sticks. I swapped to Kiko after watching a review. Although Kiko is cheaper to buy they do run out quicker.

I would have a Laura Mercier stick for a whole year, where as I run through a Kiko in a few months, so I think the price difference evens then out. If you like to try different colours and swap up your look regularly then Kiko is a better choice. I usually stay with the same colour for a while so using one that last longer is also very suitable.

Have you try either of these products before ? Did you find any difference between them ?

Glossier Make-Up I LOVE!

I have a post on Glossier make-up If you would like a more in depth view of their products, but I am going to talk about the products that I use in my Minimal Make-up Routine. 

In my minimal make-up routine I mostly use the Glossier Mascara, if I am heading out then I will use the Glossier felt tip for eyeliner. Lets first just comment on the packaging, as I ma sure you love it as much as I do!

As well as having awesome packaging, I love the Glossier Mascara, I recently updated my blog post on glossier products just to mention how much I love the mascara as I have been using it. a few moths and I believe I will be using it for a while to come yet.

Firstly lets talk about the brush, the glossier mascara has super fine brush that makes putting on the mascara really simple, and I love how easy it is to apply the mascara down to my eyelash roots. I have fair eyelashes so, I love that I can get coverage on all my eyelashes.

Next, the amazing brush also means that it never clumps. The worst is when you apply mascara and too much is stuck to the brush and then it all bunches together on your lashes. So the minimal style brush separates the lashes as you apply the mascara and also the brush is so minimal that there isn't a build up of mascara before you even apply it. SO it is a win win all around.

I also visited the glossier pop up shop while it was open and made some videos, would you like to see them ?

Simple Make-up Routine

Take a Brow is what I have been using to highlight my eyebrows as you cannot see them otherwise. I used to get them tinted but it is so hard to get the right shade that I prefer to do it myself everyday.  

The take a brow gel is easy to apply and can be applied to be lighter or darker depending on your preference. It is one I found in a Superdrug and thought I would give it ago. 

As you may be realising I have a new love for Glossier and intend to try their brow gel next as I have also read great reviews about it. Watch this space for when I do! 

Another drugstore product I am currently using is my bronzer, again not a product that I wear everyday but defiantly love how easy it is to blend and can be applied quite lightly for a glow or else create a more dramatic look for a night out. 

So this is my minimal make-up haul. I have not included my primer, highlighter or other secret weapons but will do a more in detail post in the future. These are my basics that I need everyday to create a simple minimal make -up look. 

Let me know what you think over all and I am open to product recommendations too!

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