Self Care Morning Routine : How to Reduce Anxiety

Self Care Morning Routine: How to Reduce Anxiety

 Productive Habits that lead to a Successful Morning Routine

How to create a powerful morning routine that will set you up for success. Take the day before the day takes you.

Sleep is not something I have ever given much thought to in terms of a routine. While studying Fashion design, late nights and lots of work on minimal sleep was normal and even encouraged.
However, not getting enough sleep has been found to be counterproductive.

The more I read the more I keep bumping into research about how important a structured sleep routine is, how waking up early and crafting the perfect morning routine can be a vital part of success.

I have recently been reading the 5am club by Robin Sharma and it has been super insightful and offers very practical advice on how to create the perfect morning routine, why each step in the routine is invaluable and also how to implement this routine.

Lets be realistic, reading a book isn't making anyone jump up at 5 am but following scientific proven tips can help you create the habit of rising with the titans to fulfil your day to the best of your potential and achieve more than you thought possible.

While I am sometimes sceptical about self developments books, this one was defiantly worth the read. Robin Sharma gives indent analysis on creating routine and how to get the results you need. Lots of books tell you what you need to do but do not always disclose the how.

Robin gives in detail guides throughout the book, the next one complimenting the last. While it focuses on productivity, there is also time for rest and recovery. Robin emphasises the importance of play which is not often what people associate with greatness.

Should I Exercise in the Morning?

Working out in the morning is a great way to wake yourself up if you are feeling groggy. There are so many different types of exercises now that it is easy to find a style that suits your life and routine.

Simply go for a jog, do a pilates/yoga workout, have a class organised and go to it. There are some really great exercise classes in London such as Kobox. They begin early if you would like to fit your workout in before you head to work.

Top Tips for Exercising in the Morning 

Prepare your sportswear the night before, then it is ready for you when you get up.  Also having sportswear that you feel good in, is a good motivator to work out. It may seem silly, but dressing for the occasion has so many benefits.

 It is so easy to slip into lazy loungwear and not make an effort, but this is all self development for yourself, it doesn't matter that no one will see you, dress to impress yourself, feel good and smash your workout.

Pick a workout that you like enjoy. If you have to try out a few different types or exercising to find what works for you, that is okay. After you workout, consciously think. did you enjoy it, does it make you feel better, would you like to go again.

Having a successful work out will motivate you to do it again and this will gradually lead to you creating the habit of working out in the morning and you may even grow to enjoy it.

Be Grateful - How to practice Gratitude

I have recently started to journal, maybe having more time in quarantine and also lots more thoughts. Instead of holing onto them of analysing them I started to write them down. Research has shown that journalling is a great way to let go of thoughts that are not benefitting you. 

When you write down what you are thinking it no longer seems like such a big deal. I also write down what is good and what I like, how Im feeling and what I want to do for the day, if I have a goal for the year or something I want to work more on.

Journalling gives you an insight into your own mind and you can see where your thought are at, it can also help you identify if there is a reason you feel a certain way (like a past experience that always crops up) and work through it. 

I also use this time to write down what I am grateful for, especially in the current situation, being grateful for what you have is very uplifting, as it can be easy to get hung up on everything you can't do such as travel or see your friends and family. This makes you appreciate how fortunate we are everyday. 

Being grateful for having a home to live in and being able to buy food is a blessing at this current moment and not everyone is as fortunate as us. Acknowledging all your blessings allows you to stay grounded. 

We live in a consumer driven society, where people value items more than themselves. This is the perfect time to realise that you do to have to constantly be shopping or on the go to be happy. Taking a time out for yourself can also make you happy. 

We take our human needs so much for granted that we do not realise how lucky we are. Someone mentioned recently that we live better now that royalty did 200 years ago. 

Looking at our situations from different view points and perspective can point out just how fortunate we are. A brilliant book I read called Black Box Thinking reflects on this and has some amazing insights.

What are the Benefits of Meditation? 

More and more I am reading about the benefits of meditation and also the role it plays in creating the life you want through visualisation. So many successful people such as Dr Joe Dispenza, Vishen Lakin, Bob Proctor and many more promote the benefits of meditations, including the positive impact it can have on your health. All three have huge success and abundance in their lives and believe in the power of mediation.

Meditation has scientifically been proven to reduce stress, improves sleep, strengthen attention span, enhance your self awareness and promote emotional health. The great thing about meditation is that is is so easy to access, there is an abundant amount of information available on the internet. I mentioned some successful entrepreneurs earlier in my post, Vishen Lakin is the founder of Mind Valley. 

Mind Valley has an unlimited amount of resources such as free webinars and also a large portfolio of successful mentors around the world who have used meditation to create and improve their life. Bob Proctor another motivational Speaker has also got meditations available on YouTube, the one I listen too is in collaboration with Mind Valley.

Youtube is great place to start to find meditation as they are free, but Spotify and Apple Music also have meditations available that you can download and listen to on the tube, the train. I research what meditations people find helpful and had results from and then I use these myself.

With meditation, breathing is essential. Taking deep breaths are a great way to centre yourself and be present in the moment, to slow your thoughts and just be calm. If you are feeling anxious, 10 belly breaths can help ease your anxiety, I do these every morning and feel calm and relaxed when I get out of bed. 

Avoid the News

I personally do not watch the news much, I find it to be super negative. While it is important to keep up with what is happening in the world, does knowing everything that is going on in the world increase the productivity of your day or have a positive impact?

The news is very negative and knowing everything doesn't have any impact on your life, other that you can discuss it later with friends or colleagues. Having the whole worlds news weighing you down in the morning is counter productive.

Instead take the time to better yourself by bettering yourself you can have a positive impact on the world. Use the time you spend scrolling through social media to read or listen to a meditation, work out a sudoko, take the time to invest in yourself, allowing you to feel refreshed and ready for the day.

If you really love the news you can find out during the day from your friends or colleagues what you missed out on, this way, you are staying up to date, always have a conversation starter and are saving yourself time and energy.

How does your personal Environment impact your Wellbeing?

Your surroundings and environment is super important for you wellbeing, this may seem like. strange one, but if you are surrounded by things and mess then you are going to feel unorganised and out of sorts. When your space is clean and organised this environment rubs off on your mood and how you feel.

Having a serene environment will contribute to your relaxing morning. Tidying your room, organising your things, clearing out everything you haven't used in a few months is a sure way to feel more calm.

Waking up to a messy room or bundles of clutter can have a negative impact on your morning. Take some time to re-organise your room and minimills your belongings. 

Having a clear space makes it easy to have a clear head. This will set up your morning to be relaxing and tranquil. I also have some plants in my room, leafy green ones and this makes my space feel  fresh and vibrant. As I live in London it Is nice to bring some of nature into my space as I do not always make it to a park everyday.

Impact your behaviour and motivation to act.

Steve Jobs is an extreme example of someone who did not like material possessions. The minimalist approach he took in his personal life also transferred into his business Apple, known for its simple designs, airy and open spaces and relaxed atmosphere.

The Psychology of Making your Bed Every Morning

A great way to feel positive in the morning is making your bed, simple as this may seem, by making your bed you are completing a small task, this makes you feel like you have accomplished something, even though it only takes a minute.

Also having a tidy space makes for peace of mind and allows you to feel organised and have time to reflect.

More and more I keep encountering journalling, writing down your thoughts, creating a plan for the day or the week ahead. It is important to spend time with yourself.

We are all so busy with technology, social media, jumping out of bed and rushing to work that we let our mornings slip us by, when this is a prime time for you to work on yourself.

The morning is a peaceful time, take this opportunity to let go of any doubts or frustrations you have or had, it is a new day, also write down what you wish to achieve.

Studies have shown that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them.

What I Wear to Work Out - Outfit Details 

I would like to thank Muses Only for sending me this gorgeous sportswear. I haven't taken it off since I received it. Also I have been working from home so having comfortable sportswear as my new uniform has made me feel like I make an effort to put on an outfit but still feel comfortable at home.

What I love is that the fabrics are super soft and feel really amazing on your skin. I wrote before about how fabrics can impact the environment which you can read in my Self Care Sunday Blog Post.

As well as being easy to wear, Muses Only yoga wear is very stylish,  I love the mesh inserts in the leggings that I also have a similar pair in maroon which I will show you shortly. The barrettes also have really neat criss cross straps at the back but give lots of support which is important in sportswear.

As well as being super stylish another great feature is the pocket, it blends in with the design but finding somewhere to keep your phone ( I have the iPhone 8plus so it is big) is never easy, it fits perfectly into the pocket and doesn't move even when I am jogging. Just having somewhere to slip it and not bring a handbag makes like easier.

The jacket also includes thumb slits which I absolutely love, it has a really great fit but they seaming and mesh inserts make it much more stylish. I love sportswear that is also more wearable as clothes for everyday outings like going super market shopping. That is my sole reason to leave the house these days.

The Muses only set is very wearable to meet a friend for coffee after a morning yoga session, it is super versatile because the fabrics are amazing and also the designs are unique.

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                                             Images are taken by me and I was gifted the outfit by musesonly

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