3 Tips to Ease Anxiety

3 Tips to Ease Anxiety

This is a stressful time for everyone and a lot of people are feeling anxious and uncertain about the times as they are uncertain times for a lot of people. Here are some simple tips for you to cope with anxiety. If you do suffer from anxiety these are my tips I have picked dup that work for me but I am not a professional.

Firstly, you are not alone in your anxiety, almost everybody has something to deal with and it is not something you should shy away from talking about. When you are o[en it is easier to cope and feel better.

How do I start Journalling?

Journaling is a great place to start is you find that you are anxious or have a lot of negative thoughts recently. Thus is smoothing that is recommended by a lot of professional for people to so. By writing down your thoughts you are getting them out of your head, when you re-read what you wrote it never seems as bad as when your were thinking it.

Also by writing down your thoughts you can see if there is anything in particular that keeps causing you anxiety on a continuous basis. If there is you can ask yourself why does it cause you anxiety and is there a way for you to reduce it.

A lot of people don't know how to journal, so simple write down how you feel. Write down your exact thoughts, even if it just 'I want to make a cup of tea'. By writing down any thoughts then more will flow and you will get to writing down what bothers you.

Why is Reading Important?

I personally love reading, I find if my mind thought won't quieten then it is best to get lost in someone else's, it can be a novel or self development book or self care book or just some quotes. Reading can take your attention into the now.

Reading is important for so many reasons. As I just mentioned, it can get you out of your own head, by reading you are also learning.

How does Music Therapy Work? 

Music therapy is used to provide a distraction from your mind. It is also know to alter our behaviour and influence our mood.

Listen to music, to a song you love or just some upbeat tunes. Also if you feel like dancing then get moving. Your could combine exercise with this one as I always feel like moving if I ma listening to upbeat music. However if you chose more relaxing music then lie still and take some deep breaths.

I find both activities helpful but at different times. Once you find what works for you then you know what works for you and you use it whenever you feel anxious. This one works best at home or maybe in a park! I would go for the meditation in the park more so than the dancing.

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