White Summer Dress Looks

What are Popular White Summer Dresses

Popular white summer dresses come in all shapes and sizes. White dresses are a summer classic for several reasons. A long simple white dress can be worn to the beach during the day or dressed up for an evening dinner by adding jewellery and sandals. Finding a white summer dress to suit your body shape is also a fun tsk ass there are such a variety. Short flowy dresses are as chic as a fitted a-line dress. What I love most about white dresses is how effortlessly stylish you can look in a really simple outfit.

Casual White Summer Dress

Casual white summer dresses are perfect for a day at the park and picnics with your friends. Wearing a looser simmer dress to the park is more sensible as when you sit there is lots of fabric and you can be comfortable white you drink Prosecco and eat strawberries in the park. A really great way to style a casual white summer dress is with trainers. Although it is very hot I have been wearing trainers while cycling through the city. It is such a great feeling when you can take them off and relax your toes in the grass.

White Summer Dress Street Style 

White Summer Dresses Street Style are defiantly my favourite. It is such a classic summer piece and seeing it worn through out the city on a hot summers day shows what a great versatile dress it can be. Styling your white summer dress with wedges or scrappy sandals with a straw barrel bag - I have one from Bali that I love - just creates a summer elegant summer street style outfit. 

How to Style a Cute White Summer Boho Dress

A minimal summer boho dress may sound a bit extra for the park but since there are no festivals, it is the perfect white summer dress to wear to garden party's galore! Styling a boho dress can be difficult as they usually have amazing patterns and I find jewellery takes from them. however with a white summer boho dress, adding layered necklaces and even a black belt can create white a cool, urban chic look. 

Where to Buy a Cute White Summer Dress

Where to buy summer white dresses?  I have added links where you can shop some white summer dresses that I found and love. They are affiliate links however I am not currently making any money from them as I am using demo content from shop style. So browse away and If you have any questions, leave a comment in the box below. 

Are Reformation Dresses Sustainable?

I have included a few reformation dresses as they look amazing and also are sustainable. Sustainable has become a word in fashion that is thrown around quite a lot but does not always mean that the products are sustainable. This is why it is important to research brands and where they source their materials from, how are they made and also is it something you plan to wear several times. 

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