Summer Essentials in our Favourite Colour Red

What are changes that we will have to live with from COVID-19?

What are the positives of COVID-19

While this is not the summer that everyone had planned it does not mean that we cannot appreciate what we have. 

Here is a few Summer inspiration pictures to sum up what summer has been like for me so far. 
While eating healthy is always something I try to do, although not always successful, in summer I find it easier to eat fruits and drink tonnes of water just because of the weather. 

In winter I love a carb meal and find it very wholesome, but in summer lighter meals are defiantly easier to eat and also super enjoyable. 

Do I have time to meal prep during COVID-19

While our intentions might be to eat healthy, it does take some time to prep the food, fruit. One of the plus sides of lockdown is that everybody has had time on their hands. 

To reflect and focus on what is more important to them. Living in London in the city, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is like a second job unless you can afford to eat out all the time. 

In lockdown, taking the time to prepare meals that are wholesome and healthy has defiantly been a highlight. It has also made me aware that is doesn't always take as long as I think it will. 

Now that I have returned to work, I wanted to keep some of my good habits and have found that I have time to make lunch in the morning and prepare and aƧai bowl for breakfast. 

We can often get caught in a cycle of thought such as 'I dont have time to...' but the truth is we always have time. 

We are just focusing out attention elsewhere. Lockdown had highlighted some important habits in my daily life that I had wanted to change but never got around to. 

Now that I have I am grateful for this positive to some from a situation that has caused a lot of pain and grief. 

What do I wear outside after COVID-19

Our style has changed also, loungewear has become the new workwear. While sportswear had been seen more and more on the fashion scene, I believe it will be even more at the forefront now. 

While shops were closing, online sales for loungewear were skyrocketing along with e-commerce sales in general. Sweatpants would have been frowned upon in the fashion world many years ago and are now becoming a fashion must have. 

With streetwear and influencers pioneering the new dress code, lockdown ensured that every work from home professional also adopted the look. 

How can I travel during COVID-19

Not only is how we dress changing but also how we travel. With lockdown and a requirement to wear masks people are reverting to driving, cycling and walking. While cycling and walking are beneficial to the environment, it driving going to have a negative impact? 

Also, having been on the tube only once where everyone is required to wear a mask, it is quite strange but I would not be very comfortable travelling at night if everyone has their faces covered. It is slightly unnerving. Do you have any thoughts? 

What are good workout to do during COVID-19

One of the biggest benefits has been the home work outs. I love these and have really gotten into practicing pilates and following some of my favourite you tubers that have easy to follow and very doable work outs. 

Also I have begun to use the Santander bikes while the roads are quite and to cycle around London is really fun. You seem to see more than when you are walking. 

These are just some thoughts on the current times and where we are at. I hope you enjoyed and if you want to add anything, just leave a comment. 

Images are not mine and sourced from Pinterest. Comment for Credit.

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